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Confessions of an Office Cleaner

At Spotless we make sure that our customers know what services we offer and reassure them that our office cleaners are doing a fantastic job for them, all the time. But beyond the obvious services carried out by an office cleaner: emptying bins, cleaning floors, surfaces, washrooms etc; what really goes on once the staff have gone home and the cleaners start work.

The ideal office cleaners are invisible to their clients. They turn up out of office hours, do a great job and quietly disappear until the next day. But even if they are invisible, they still see things. And after 30 years in the business and with over 1500 staff cleaning offices across the UK from Aberdeen to Reading we’ve seen a lot.

• Cleaners running out of buildings because of ghostly apparitions.
• Ghosts calling the names of cleaners when renovations took place with doors jamming and slamming.
• Sales teams coming in at 7am to sing their motivational sales anthems together
• Office workers asleep at their desks overnight.
• A boss and co-worker ‘in flagrante’ when they thought they were alone.
• A cleaner who liked to strip down to her undies on her lonely evening shift
• Finding underwear in the confidential waste bins
• Coming face to face with a foxes and rats in the waste disposal areas.
• Chasing off burglars during a break in


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